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Costa Rica Calling: Join Erin Sampson for a Renewing Yoga Retreat – April 2024

on October 27, 2023

Nestled in amidst the lush jungles of Nosara, Costa Rica, imagine waking up to the soothing symphony of howler monkeys and the gentle murmur of streams. Picture savoring three delectable organic meals each day, and leisurely strolling along one of Costa Rica’s most picturesque beaches. And as the sun sets, immerse yourself in the practice of yoga, with two sessions daily with Erin Sampson, for an entire week. It’s a week of rejuvenation that transcends imagination.

Join us in this oasis of tranquility, where time seems to stand still. From April 06 to April 12, 2024, we invite you to experience a retreat like no other in the heart of Nosara, Costa Rica, at the idyllic Casas Kismet Yoga Resort.

Here, you’ll find solace and connection, guided by none other than Erin Sampson, the heart and soul of Five Parks Yoga. Erin, known to yoga enthusiasts worldwide, invites you to practice in person, in one of Costa Rica’s most captivating locations.

Each day unfolds with a morning practice that invigorates, and an evening session that nurtures. Every class is a unique journey, intimately woven into the theme of the retreat. All levels are welcomed, and for a chance to be part of the Five Parks Yoga online experience, you might even find yourself in one of Erin’s YouTube classes – no need to be camera-shy!

This retreat is more than just yoga; it’s a holistic experience. Meditation and mindfulness practices complement the yoga sessions, creating a tapestry of self-discovery for the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual realms.

Accommodations are as diverse as the journey itself. From dorm-style suites to private penthouses, there’s a space for every seeker. And with the backdrop of the open-air yoga studio, the panoramic views of the ocean and jungle become a natural extension of your sanctuary.

In the midst of routines, our inner wisdom often gets lost. This retreat serves as a compass, guiding us back to our core. Through yoga, meditation, journaling, and soulful conversations, we embark on a journey back home.

Casas Kismet Yoga Resort, nestled in the Guanacaste Peninsula, is more than a retreat center. It’s a sanctuary where time slows, allowing you to rejuvenate mind, body, and soul. Located in one of the five blue zones of the world, it’s a place where life is lived longer, happier, and healthier.

This retreat isn’t just a week; it’s a transformation. It’s the metamorphosis of strangers into family, of individuals from over 90 countries coming together, forging connections that last a lifetime.

Embrace the opportunity to explore Costa Rica beyond the retreat. Whether it’s surfing, canopy zip line tours, birding, or horseback riding, there’s an adventure waiting for you.

As the plane touches down in Liberia, Costa Rica, you’re greeted by a warm breeze and a world of possibilities. The journey to Casas Kismet Yoga Resort is a scenic passage, winding through emerald forests and past hidden waterfalls. Here, the rhythms of nature set the pace, inviting you to step out of the hurried dance of daily life.

Check-in is a seamless affair, with a window of arrival between 2 pm and 8 pm. The evening unfolds with a welcome class, your first taste of the transformative power of Nosara. In the ensuing days, each morning begins with a practice that invigorates the body and centers the mind. The evening sessions gently guide you towards restoration and introspection. Meditations and breathwork serve as anchors, weaving a tapestry of stillness and self-discovery.

Beyond the sanctuary of the yoga studio, Nosara beckons with its unspoiled beauty. You have the choice to walk or hop on the complimentary shuttle to the beach, a place where the ocean’s embrace is both invigorating and meditative.

At the heart of this experience are the meals – vibrant, nourishing, and shared in the spirit of community. Savor the flavors of locally sourced, organic ingredients, each bite a celebration of Costa Rican cuisine.

As the retreat draws to a close, a sense of transformation lingers in the air. You leave not only with cherished memories but also with practices and wisdom to carry forward. The ability to find tranquility amidst the whirlwind of life is a gift you take with you, a compass that guides your steps long after you’ve left the shores of Nosara.

The adventures of Nosara are yours to explore. Whether you’re drawn to the thrill of surfing, the awe of zip-lining through the forest canopy, or the serenity of kayaking amidst the local wildlife, there’s an excursion tailored to your desires.

Embrace this opportunity to uncover the treasures of Costa Rica, to experience the magic of Casas Kismet Yoga Resort, and to join Erin Sampson and Five Parks Yoga on a journey that transcends the ordinary.

Reserve your spot now and step into a week that promises not just a retreat, but a transformation. This is more than a getaway; it’s a homecoming to the sanctuary of your own being.

Learn More about the April 2024 Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica Here!

MattCosta Rica Calling: Join Erin Sampson for a Renewing Yoga Retreat – April 2024

Harnessing the Power of Nature: The Added Benefits of an Outdoor Yoga Practice

on June 6, 2023

As online / at-home yoga enthusiasts, we often find solace and serenity in our indoor practice spaces. However, venturing beyond the four walls of a studio or home can unlock a world of possibilities and amplify the benefits of our yoga journey. Today, we will explore the potential advantages of practicing yoga outdoors, whether on your patio, deck, yard, in a local park, or anywhere else you can think of that is in the fresh, beautiful open air. By embracing the beauty of nature and drawing inspiration from Erin’s classes, we hope that you can enhance your home practice and elevate your mind-body connection.

If you have practiced at all with Erin online, you have probably noticed that the majority of her classes are filmed outdoors, both in Costa Rica and in Colorado. Erin loves filming in a natural environment and always prefers outdoors vs. indoors when the weather (and nearby construction) allows.

Connect with the Energy of Nature: Stepping onto your patio or into a nearby park immerses you in the vibrant energy of nature. The sights, sounds, and scents of the outdoors awaken your senses and create a unique ambiance for your yoga practice. From the gentle rustling of leaves to the warmth of the sun’s rays on your skin, connecting with the natural elements deepens your connection to the present moment and fosters a sense of grounding and mindfulness. Even those less calming elements (other people walking by, traffic, overhead planes, etc.) are all a part of the energy. Try to find the boost in those traditional distractions.

Amplify Mind-Body Connection: Practicing yoga outside allows you to synchronize your movements with the ever-changing surroundings. As you flow through asanas, you become attuned to the rhythm of nature, aligning your breath and body with the ebb and flow of the environment. This heightened awareness enhances your mind-body connection, promoting a deeper sense of harmony and balance in your practice.

Embrace the Fresh Air: Breathing in fresh, clean air is invigorating and revitalizing for your body and mind. Outdoor yoga practice offers an opportunity to fill your lungs with oxygen-rich air, rejuvenating your respiratory system and increasing your overall vitality. The crispness of the air can awaken your senses and infuse your practice with a renewed sense of energy and clarity.

Vitamin D Boost: Practicing yoga outdoors allows you to soak up the sun’s nourishing rays and boost your vitamin D levels. Vitamin D is essential for bone health, immune function, and mood regulation. Spending time in natural sunlight during your practice can uplift your spirits, enhance your overall well-being, and contribute to a healthier you.

Expand Your Boundaries: Taking your yoga practice outside breaks free from the limitations of indoor spaces and expands your boundaries. Practicing on your patio, deck, or in a nearby park exposes you to different terrains, textures, and environments, challenging your balance and stability in new ways. Embrace the opportunity to adapt to varying surfaces, feel the earth beneath your feet, and cultivate a sense of adventurous spirit.

Find Inspiration from Nature: Nature has an innate ability to inspire and uplift us. Practicing yoga outdoors provides an opportunity to draw inspiration from the beauty that surrounds you. Whether it’s a majestic tree swaying in the breeze, a blooming flower, or a gentle stream flowing nearby, nature’s wonders ignite our creativity, ignite our spirit, and deepen our connection to the world around us.

Venturing outdoors for your yoga practice opens the door to a world of benefits that extend beyond the confines of a studio or home. Embrace the power of nature, draw inspiration from Erin’s yoga classes on the Five Parks Yoga YouTube channel, and allow your practice to unfold amidst the beauty of your patio, deck, yard, or outdoor space. By immersing yourself in the energy of nature, breathing in fresh air, and expanding your boundaries, you can enhance your mind-body connection, nourish your spirit, and unlock new levels of growth on your yoga journey. Step outside, let nature be your guide, and experience the transformative potential of outdoor yoga practice.

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MattHarnessing the Power of Nature: The Added Benefits of an Outdoor Yoga Practice