Yoga Retreat Feedback from our Attendees in Costa Rica

Curious about what it's like to join Erin & Matt in Nosara?

Feeling the Love

In the words of our past attendees

We have hosted hundreds of attendees on our Costa Rican Yoga Retreats from dozens of different countries and cultures. They all came together for one reason, to practice collectively with Erin and her community. We hope you enjoy their feedback and words, there is nothing better than hearing from the real people experiencing the glory. 😉

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Kelly – United States


I really can’t tell you what a wonderful experience the retreat was for Caitlin and I. It was everything I expected it to be………and more!!

Hard to imagine a more perfect place to practice yoga, than at the Rancho!

I revisit it in my mind often…….the sounds, the sights, the smells. I loved the trips to the beach and all the available extra activities.

The food and fellowship, and even the night we all went to dinner! It was all just perfect!

And Erin and Matt…….I just love you both!!

So down to earth and “real”!

You are an awesome teacher, Erin, and with Matt’s talents in photography and videography…….well… are an amazing team.

Thanks for such a memorable week.💗

Jen – New York


A safe, Well rounded and grounding yoga retreat, fresh and colorful with delicious food and welcoming people.

Jennifer – New York


This week was truly soul-renewing and body strengthening. Daily yoga sessions each morning and evening were classic Five Parks style – well-balanced, thoughtfully cued, and tailored to the setting, the energy of our group, and the natural cycles of the day.

Erin guided us in learning new poses and new meditation techniques, and Matt’s photography captured the week in beautiful photos.

Nosara, Costa Rica where the retreat is held, has gorgeous beaches and jungle, wildlife all around, and opportunities for excursions and for hammock/poolside relaxation in equal measure.

Accommodations were comfortable and non-fussy, with rooms and dining facing a vista of the ocean. Mostly plant-based, always fresh food and friendly kitchen staff.

The week was the highlight of my year.

Tasnim – London


This is not just a yoga retreat but a full body and mind immersive experience.

You become part of everything around you and it fills you.

Erin and Matt go to extraordinary lengths (never contrived) to create an experience that will always stay with you.

Nicky – United States



My heart has been forever opened…never to close, because of this experience.

My world is forever changed because of the gifts that Erin and Matt have given to me.

I was given the safety to step out of my comfort zone and take in the gifts that everyone around me had to offer. So very many gifts I received.

I am forever grateful for this experience. It was truly magical…physically, mentally, spiritually.

My Journey Home family will forever be a part of me…thank you everyone.

Kristi – United States


The Five Parks Yoga retreat at the Costa Rica Yoga Spa in Nosara was even more amazing than I ever could have imagined!

I was truly able to disconnect from a hectic lifestyle and discover peacefulness I haven’t experienced ever before.

What looked to be a week vacation became an experience that impacted me beyond expectations.

Marti – United States


The Five Parks Yoga retreat is one of my favorite travel experiences.

It’s perfect for solo travelers. You will meet so many other open minded people who will feel like family after just a couple of days.

The Costa Rica Yoga spa is in a beautiful location overlooking the forest with a view all the way to the beach. The food is wonderful and the staff is fantastic.

Erin’s teaching style is the perfect balance of fun and spiritual. She does a great job teaching to all levels, providing multiple variations of poses. If you enjoy practicing with Erin on YouTube, you will love the retreat.

Matt did so much behind the scenes work to ensure we all arrived safely and took amazing photos throughout the retreat.

Outside of yoga, there is plenty of downtime to relax, go for hike, or maybe learn to surf.

If you’re considering booking a retreat, you should definitely do it—you won’t regret it!

Mirjam – Switzerland


I simply loved everything about it! It was an amazing week!

Life changing!

Stephen – United States


The whole retreat was an unforgettable experience.

Everyone on the retreat was open, honest and super friendly. I felt the whole group connected very well and there was nothing, but positive energy shared between everyone.

It’s difficult to imagine missing out on this experience and grateful able to share it with the most beautiful people.

Also developed some strong connections with some of the people on the retreat and having Matt capture it was incredible. Can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures once they are posted.

One of the best surprises of the retreat was how delicious the food and drinks were. The staff made every effort to prepare meals that looked amazing, tasted great and were very healthy.

Now that I am back home, for sure missing the fresh vegetables and juices.

Also, a special thank you to Matt, Erin and all the staff members who took care of us the whole week. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

Robert – London


Words cannot do justice to my experience on this retreat.

The multiple perspectives of location, accommodation, yoga, hosting, food, community and the program of events developed by Erin and Matt created a peaceful, energising and deeply nourishing week that I will remember for a long time.

Erin and Matt are genuine hosts and are developing a special and authentic retreat that will keep getting better and better.

Bethan – London


This retreat was truly a life changing experience.

Erin is the most incredible yoga teacher and I felt privileged to be in such an awe inspiring location with breathtaking views enjoying her fantastic yoga classes in person.

The retreat programme was so carefully thought out and really resonated with me, and gave me the space to reflect that I was looking for. The location was superb, the food delicious and the group of people I shared this experience with was amazing.

I can also highly recommend the additional experiences offered, particularly the surf class – cannot believe I stood on the board for the first time!

All in all I will never forget this week and cannot recommend highly enough.

Courtney – New York


I signed up for the retreat just 2 weeks after starting Erin’s YouTube yoga classes and it was the most amazing trip I’ve taken in 44 years.

So grateful for the experience and meeting such a wonderful group of people, as well as exploring beautiful Costa Rica.

Thanks Erin and Matt for your thoughtful planning and organizing of this retreat.

Liz – Canada


It was a week of self reflection, openness, kindness, compassion, adventure and beauty!

The daily yoga was challenging and fun! I enjoyed being offered to try meditation and chanting without being too intimidating.

The accommodations were clean and the setting was beautiful.

The daily beach trip was indeed a highlight as was the dinner night out!

Jill – United States


Arrrgggg . . . this is hard for me . . . This retreat isn’t just perfect for me, it’s perfect for anyone – any yoga level, any age & from any country.

I was a bit starstruck when I first arrived (& I’m never starstruck). Having done Erin’s videos the past 2 1/2 years, I felt like I knew her, or at least wasn’t meeting her for the first time.

Erin is an incredibly authentic, real person. What you see on YouTube is what you get. She is vulnerable about who she is and her own challenges. I love that she laughs when she falls out of a pose. Yoga is and will always be something you practice and Erin shows that she is always practicing & learning too.

Besides having the experience of taking in person classes from Erin, meeting people from all over the world who have been the same thing is exceptional. It shows you how universal our dreams and challenges are.

I could go on and on about everything I enjoyed about the retreat – the schedule (how we had things that were planned and other times to choose what we wanted to do), the variety of our days, the location, the food, the people …. it truly has something for everyone.

You make the experience yours, but if you go to the retreat, you will leave at peace and feeling strong (both internally and externally).

Finally, it has to be said that what makes this a rare life experience is Erin and Matt. Their kind souls, positive energy and willingness to share who they are (authentic and real) , make it an adventure of a lifetime. I hope to return!

Sabrina – Switzerland


This whole week was the perfect start for my first little travel experience on my own. The routine at the yoga spa really put me in a super relaxed and thoughtful mood.

As I was (and still am) a yoga newbie, I was a bit worried how it would be to practice yoga twice a day and it was amazing. I miss the rancho, the warm breeze on my skin and the sounds of birds and howler monkeys here back in switzerland. It was an unforgettable week and I’m happy that I did this for myself.

I was the youngest in the group but welcomed warmly and respected by everyone.

Kim – United States


The Five Parks Yoga retreat in Nosara was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve had in my life. I cannot recommend it highly enough! The Costa Rica Yoga Spa is a magical spiritual reprieve. Starting and ending the day doing yoga with Erin in the rancho was breathtaking. Erin is a fantastic yoga instructor, and also an incredibly genuine, warm and authentic person. It was so much more than yoga though…personal growth, meditation, new friendships, fun activities in Nosara, beautiful photos and amazing food.

I came home feeling balanced, strong and grounded.

Trip of a lifetime!

Bilyana – Belgium


This is one of the best experiences in my life in a highly energetic and magical place with such generous personalities like Erin and Matt.

A perfect mixture of emotions, sharing, recharging, the perfect jorney… home 🙂

Melissa – United States


Life changing experience. A week of taking time for your self, mind, body and soul. Great energy all around in a spectacular location.

Joss – Canada


There is not doubt that anyone who follows Erin online would love the whole Costa Rica Retreat experience. The entire week at the Costa Rica Yoga Spa with Erin and Matt exceeded all my expectations… and my expectations were high (:

The Retreat was beautifully planned and flawlessly carried out. The location, magical. The yoga, amazing. The nature, spectacular. The group, very very special. The sunrises and sunsets, once in a lifetime.

Pura Vida at its most welcoming (:

Cara – Panama


My time with Erin and all the yogis at the Costa Rica Yoga Spa was truly magical! The yoga was perfect and the outings were so fun! I especially loved the paddle boarding. The food was healthy and good and of course, the accommodations and setting were beautiful! I couldn’t stop taking pictures!!:)

My favorite part though was yoga with Erin!!:)

Josee – Canada


I had the most amazing week with Erin at the Costa Rica Yoga Spa!

Erin is an amazing yoga teacher and a wonderful person and practicing with her surrounded by the most breathtaking view was unbelievable! The classes were suited for all levels of yogis, the activities were great and there was just enough time to relax and hang out. The hotel was perfect, quiet and peaceful and the food was amazing (I am not vegan but I discovered awesome food).

The entire experience was very well balanced and I would definitely go back without any hesitation!

Hila – United States


The Costa Rica Yoga Retreat with Erin in Nosara was one of the coolest experiences I’ve ever had.

I have never done a yoga retreat before but I really liked Erin’s youtube videos, and the same caring, relaxed vibe that she gives off in her videos is what you’ll experience in person. The location is absolutely beautiful and the view from the outdoor yoga “studio” is just breathtaking. I found a week to relax from the hectic pace of day to day life, meditate, reflect, and have some fun. Daily trips to the beach just made it that much better!

Most importantly, you’ll find that Erin and Matt and incredibly genuine and caring, and seemed personally invested in making sure that everyone had a great experience.

I would highly recommend this retreat and would love to do another one myself!

Jennifer – United States


This retreat was truly incredible.

One of the best decisions I ever made was to go, and I would encourage anyone even remotely considering it to DO IT. The setting is breathtakingly beautiful and peaceful; the food is unbelievable; the staff is warm and helpful and accommodating. And that is not even touching on Erin and the yoga and all that she so generously offers. Erin and Matt created a sense that this was YOUR retreat to spend how you liked. You could partake in as much or as little as you wanted. The generous and warm spirit of Erin and Matt “trickled down” to create a sense of community and closeness among the group that we all felt and that has remained with us after the retreat has ended.

The words I have used to describe the retreat: transformative, peaceful, healing, inspiring, fun, invigorating.

JeanEllen – United States


This yoga retreat with Erin Sampson was amazing. The Costa Rica Yoga Spa is a great place…very authentic and so peaceful in a beautiful setting. The food was some of the best I’ve ever had. The yoga was fantastic. The week soothed my soul. Highly recommended!

Deborah – United States


Pura Vida! I can’t recommend this trip enough. Each day had a very nice balance between yoga, activity and relaxation. The schedule was very smooth. The food was incredible! The accommodation were incredible-and it was a great group of people! Everything was my favorite! Thank you!!!

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