Five Parks Yoga in the Press

Five Parks Yoga in the Press

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Exploring Life & Business with Erin Sampson of Five Parks Yoga

Today we’d like to introduce you to Erin Sampson. Hi Erin, can you start by introducing yourself? We’d love to learn more about how you got to where you are today? My journey started as, (and continues to be), dedicated to teaching. I have always wanted to teach in some capacity – I taught outdoor education, traditional school education as a high school English teacher, and after-school education in elementary schools. [READ FULL ARTICLE]

Insight: Yoga has kept my sanity during the pandemic

A slick film of sweat thickens between my hands and the mat, threatening to buckle my concentration. My legs remain tucked behind elbows, almost hovering parallel to the floor. As the muscle fibers in my arms strain to balance the entire weight of my body, a blissful state of mindfulness bubbles up in my consciousness. [READ FULL ARTICLE]


My wife and I have been following yoga instructional videos online for a few years now and we have found 5 Parks Yoga to be a firm favourite. No matter what your views are on the more touchy-feely spiritual side of yoga, you need it in your life. Hey, if Ryan Giggs can use it to help play professional football into his 40’s, there must be something to it, right? [READ FULL ARTICLE]

Five Parks Yoga Review and how I’ve improved my flow

“May you have peace in your thoughts, peace in your words and peace in your heart” The moment I heard this, it struck a chord with me, I’m not sure why exactly, but it felt like it was the thing I needed to hear most at this time in my life. [READ FULL ARTICLE]

The 6 Best Yoga YouTube Channels To Start Your Practice During Coronavirus Quarantine

It might seem like there aren’t many silver linings to the coronavirus outbreak. But since you’re self-isolating anyway, what better time to start (or strengthen) your yoga practice? Doing yoga at home can help you with COVID-19-related stress, repetitive strain and chronic pain from remote work, and quarantine-induced anxiety. [READ FULL ARTICLE]

Airey Bros Radio Episode 55 Erin Sampson

Erin received her 200-hour teaching certification in 2008 in Arvada, Colorado. For the next several years, she taught classes at her neighborhood studio. In December of 2011, she and her husband moved their family of five to Tamarindo, Costa Rica for six months. They fell in love with Costa Rica and decided to split their time between Colorado and Costa Rica. [READ FULL ARTICLE]

Meet Erin Sampson: You Tube Yoga Instructor and International Retreat Leader

We had the good fortune of connecting with Erin Sampson and we’ve shared our conversation below. Hi Erin, can you walk us through the thought-process of starting your business? I have always wanted to teach and I took my time finding the avenue that led me to where I am today. [READ FULL ARTICLE]


If you are looking for a yoga session that genuinely captivates your mind, then the Five Parks Yoga is just the right thing to happen to you. Indulging in a supremely refreshing yoga within an insanely blissful surrounding is everyone’s dream, and Five Parks brings this to reality. [READ FULL ARTICLE]

Staying Fit While Staying Home

The national effort to shelter in place has closed gyms and led many people to complain of weight gain. Two exercise experts discuss how people can maintain fitness at home with no equipment. [READ FULL ARTICLE]

How to Fit Yoga Into a Busy Schedule and a Limited Budget

Yoga is a great way for people of all fitness levels to stay physically and mentally healthy. It comes in many forms, ranging from slow and gentle to brisk and intense, making it a great addition to any lifestyle. Starting your yoga practice, however, can be daunting and expensive. Trying to find the time and the money to take classes can seem like enough to crush your yogi dreams. Enter YouTube yoga: the simplest and cheapest way to start and maintain a healthy yoga practice. [READ FULL ARTICLE]

Thrive Guide: Erin Sampson

Erin received her 200-hour teaching certification in 2008 in Arvada, Colorado. For the next several years, she taught classes at her neighborhood studio. In December of 2011, she and her husband moved their family of five to Tamarindo, Costa Rica for six months. [READ FULL ARTICLE]

Fitness tips: how to begin with online yoga

Choose a good spot Find a comfortable, quiet space, with room for your mat and for you to stretch your arms out and up. Make sure you can see the screen clearly: once you’re used to the postures, you’ll rely on it less. Wear fitted clothes so they don’t hang over your face when your head’s lowered, and no socks. [READ FULL ARTICLE]

The Best Workouts for Weight Loss

I’ve been looking for yoga on YouTube for a while. I really like Erin Sampson from Five Parks Yoga. Her speed and direction are excellent and easy to follow. Her routines are not always easy for me though. This first workout is Yoga for Complete Beginners and is thorough and slow-moving. [READ FULL ARTICLE]

Free Online Yoga Classes: The Best Yoga Videos For On-The-Go Or Home Stay

All you need to do is follow Erin Sampson in her hour-long journey of fighting stress and anxiety through yoga. She is my go-to yogin to keep unwanted thoughts at bay, or when I am stressed out after a long trip. In addition to her stress relief session, she has numerous other videos as well, based on the length and specific body needs. Most of her followers get addicted to her style and visit her yoga retreats in Costa Rica. I haven’t been there yet, but it is surely on my bucket list.  [READ FULL ARTICLE]

10 Best Yoga Videos on YouTube for 2021

This Deep Stretch for Athletes from Five Parks Yoga specifically focuses on getting your blood flowing back into the muscles typically used by athletes and weekend warriors. Instructor Erin Sampson holds each pose for a few minutes to make sure you get the deepest stretch possible, and really get in touch with what your body needs when it’s sore. Ahhh! [READ FULL ARTICLE]

5 Best Yoga Workouts for Weight Loss

Get ready for a fun but challenging yoga class. Erin Sampson is a great yoga teacher and from beautiful Costa Rica, she will guide you through a fast-paced yoga practice. Serious burn guaranteed. Try this hour-long yoga workout if you are looking for a physical and mental challenge and if you like beautiful mandala flows. [READ FULL ARTICLE]

Our Favorite Virtual Yoga Teachers for Your Summer Flow

Want a yoga teacher who is actually teaching yoga in the park? Check out the fantastic videos from yoga instructor Erin Sampson. Leading students through a virtual flow from the outdoors in both Costa Rica and Colorado (represent!), we are big fans of energizing videos. Like the others, they are also on Youtube and available at no cost. [READ FULL ARTICLE]

The Best At-Home Yoga Videos You Can Follow For Free

If your favourite studio has temporarily closed and you’re craving a weekly dose of zen, click on these easy-to-follow options. Erin from Five Parks Yoga films most of her videos in her garden, occasionally with a bit of musical accompaniment.  [READ FULL ARTICLE]

National Yoga Month

There’s a lot going on this month, but we would hate to miss out on celebrating National Yoga Month! Yoga is an ancient practice with an amazing and rich history and “comes out of an oral tradition in which the teaching was transmitted directly from teacher to student.”  We also have several other resources below and, you can actually practice yoga (virtually, but locally) with various San Antonio studios. You can also learn basic poses online, or check out the many different YouTube yogis, such as Erin Sampson or Austin’s own Adriene. [READ FULL ARTICLE]

Which Yoga To Try: Different Types Of Yoga Explained

Choose the comfortable pair of yoga pants and get your blood pumping and try yourself out with the vigorous Vinyasa flow with Erin Sampson. [READ FULL ARTICLE]

Yoga for Beginners: 7 YouTube Channels to Reduce Anxiety in Quarantine Times

The 5 Parks Yoga instructor is Erin Sampson. Each video takes place in a very exotic location, which is surely part of the appeal and success of your channel. Videos can be 20 to 60 minutes long and are suitable for all skill levels. There is a good variety of poses. The instruction is clear and calm. As with many of the best instructors, there is only enough talk to keep you hooked, but not too much to overload you. [READ FULL ARTICLE]

10 Online Prenatal Yoga Classes Expecting Moms Can Take

Regardless of which trimester a pregnant woman is in, there are online prenatal yoga classes she can take to both strengthen and relax her muscles. This class presented by Five Parks Yoga and taught by Erin Sampson is appropriate for all stages of pregnancy with some modification as the pregnancy progresses. The purpose of this 45-minute prenatal yoga is to build abdominal strength, relax tense muscles, and focus on breathing techniques that can be used when delivering. [READ FULL ARTICLE]

Chair Yoga – Erin Sampson

With her arms crossed and her palms touching, Netta Little performs a seated eagle pose during a chair yoga class at the Allen County Public Library in Scottsville. Erin Sampson, the instructor in the video shown to the class, said the seated eagle pose takes a great deal of time to master because of the flexibility required. [READ FULL ARTICLE]

There Are 38 Million Power Yoga Videos—These Are the 9 Best You Can Do in 10 Minutes or Less

When you want a feel-good, low-impact workout that also makes you work up a sweat in minimal time, there’s one answer: power yoga. Unlike your traditional calming flow, it’s basically a high-intensity form of yoga that focuses on cardio and strength-building. Hello, full-body burn. Five Parks Yoga 10-minute power yoga class. This power yoga video isn’t for newbies. If you’re still working on your balance, you might want to start with another option. [READ FULL ARTICLE]

The Five YouTube Yoga Videos You’ll Actually Want To Practice To

I love yoga, and I’ve been practicing for over five years now. But, being a work-from-home mom with two kids, I hardly have time to make it to the studio these days. Five Parks Yoga Vinyasa Flow? If you’re looking for a hard workout, this is the one for you! You move the entire time, and she does some fairly advanced moves. That being said, there are plenty of substitutions for beginners and intermediate yogis. I’d never done a YouTube class with her before this video, and I absolutely loved it! I plan to check out more of her videos, but this one is a clear winner for me. [READ FULL ARTICLE]

Top Yoga YouTube Channels To Start Practicing

These are some of our favorite top yoga YouTube channels. We all subscribed. However, everyone is unique and special in their own way. The point is, you choose one that resonates with you that day, based on how you are feeling. [READ FULL ARTICLE]

Don’t forget that you can add music to your classes by playing one of Erin’s custom Spotify playlists in the background while you watch.

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