Five Parks Yoga Challenges

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Welcome! FPY Yoga Challenges

Curated Yoga Classes from Erin Sampson

Welcome to the Five Parks Yoga Challenge Class Series! We have created a variety of yoga classes that range from 14 to 30 days that will guide you through a particular theme over a period of time! Travel with Erin, take Erin’s Beginner’s Yoga Crash Course, Tour all of Five Parks Yoga and more! Pick a challenge that works for you, sign up for the emails or download the printable sheets and get started today! We hope you love these new classes.

Pick Your Yoga Challenge Series

Spend a month taking a yoga tour of the Five Parks Yoga channel. Experience the wide variety of classes filmed in beautiful locations with Five Parks Yoga.

Take an entire month to travel around North and Central America with Erin and Five Parks Yoga on this Traveling Flow Journey into Yoga.

Are you up for the challenge for Athletes? This 30 day experience will take you on a journey of strength and patience and you'll come out feeling amazing in the end.

Yoga Challenges Coming Soon!

30 Day Beginner Yoga Crash Course


Don’t forget that you can add music to your classes by playing one of Erin’s custom Spotify playlists in the background while you watch.

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