Costa Rica Yoga Retreats in Nosara, Costa Rica

Experience Nosara, Costa Rica with Five Parks Yoga this year

Join Us in Nosara, Costa Rica

A Yoga Retreat with Five Parks Yoga is like no other

Imagine waking up on the side of a mountain on the Gold Coast of Costa Rica looking out over both the Pacific Ocean and an expansive national wildlife park. Now imagine three healthy, organic meals every day. How about a quick trip to one of the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica? And finally, breathe in the fresh air and enjoy two yoga classes each day. Just Imagine.

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7 Days of Yoga Retreat in Nosara, Costa Rica

We can't wait to share Yoga in Nosara with you this year!

November 2020 Yoga Retreat Dates

November 14 to November 20, 2020 (Saturday to Friday)

February 2021 Yoga Retreat Dates

Official 2021 Dates to be Announced Very Soon!

Yoga Retreat Destination

Nosara, Costa Rica

Yoga Retreat Location

Costa Rica Yoga Spa

Starting at only $1750

Join Erin Sampson with Five Parks Yoga

Practice with Erin in Nosara, Costa Rica

Leave the routine of your daily life and come home. Come home to what you already know. Erin Sampson with Five Parks Yoga is the online yoga home for yoga students from over 150 countries and now you have an opportunity to practice in person with Erin in one of the most stunning locations in Costa Rica.

Each day Erin will guide you through an active and invigorating yoga practice in the morning, and a nurturing and restorative yoga practice in the evening. Each yoga class will be unique and intentionally connected to the theme of our retreat. All classes are All-Level and inclusive. Erin may even film a few of her classes during the retreat for her YouTube channel so you’ll be a part of the Five Parks Yoga online experience! (don’t worry, you don’t have to be on camera!)

Our meditation and mindfulness practices will be in union with the style and theme of the yoga practices.

Our intention is to provide a true retreat experience, which will allow you to deeply connect to your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body.

Rates and Room Options for the Retreat

We have a variety of room options to fit your needs

Shared Quad Room

$1750 / pp

Double Occupancy Suite

$2499 / pp

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A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to secure your space for this retreat.

Your Journey Home

Oftentimes, the obligations and routines of our daily life challenge our ability to connect with our inner wisdom.

The practices of yoga, meditation, journal writing, and discussion, throughout the week will help guide us back to the place within each one of us which is our home base.

Our intention is to provide an opportunity to find the tranquil space within via the practices of yoga, meditation and mindfulness. During our twice daily scheduled time together we will weave these practices together, so that the physical practice of yoga may become the metaphor for the inner journey home.

What to Expect in Costa Rica

Settle in and enjoy Nosara


6 Nights of Lodging

Choose your lodging option and enjoy all of the beauty of this intimate, green and sustainable resort with an onsite garden and dipping pool.

2 Daily Yoga Classes

Twice daily we will gather together in the beautiful Yoga Rancho for two hours. During this time we will practice meditation, mindfulness and yoga.

Daily Beach Trips

You have the option of taking free transportation to Nosara, if you are wanting to touch the sand and waves and experience the town.

3 Healthy Meals Every Day

We love food and community dining. Eating delicious, healthy meals together three times a day will enhance the experience of being nurtured.

Time for Yourself

You will have enough time to unwind and relax in addition to your daily yoga practices. Enjoy this time in the pool, hiking the property or relaxing in a hammock.

Costa Rica Adventures

If you are interested in some Costa Rican Adventures, you're in luck. Try your hand at surfing, or Stand Up Yoga. Hit the Zip Lines or ride horses. It's up to you!

A Group Dinner Out

Mid-week we will head to town for dinner as a group at a beautiful restaurant right on the beach in Nosara. Great Photo Night too!

Beauty Everywhere

The attention to detail at Costa Rica Yoga Spa is stellar. Small and large details will surprise you throughout the week.

Create a Yoga Family

It’s amazing what 7 days in Costa Rica can do for a group of people.
They come in strangers and 7 days later they leave as a family.

An International Experience

Our yoga retreats draw people from all over the world - most retreats are represented by 5-8 different countries.

Fall in Love with Costa Rica

Enjoy Costa Rica and the beautiful landscapes with friends from all over the world.

From Strangers to Friends to Family

It's amazing to watch 16 complete strangers become friends in 24 hours and family within 48 hours.

Details on your Costa Rican Yoga Retreat in Nosara

What to expect while you are in Nosara

What is Included: 

  • 6 nights at the Costa Rica Yoga Spa (including 13% tax)
  • 3 Daily healthy, local, organic, vegetarian meals (except one night in town)
  • 2 Yoga Classes Daily
  • Guided Meditation
  • Breathwork
  • Journaling (includes a Journal)
  • Free Time for Relaxing
  • Beautiful Splash Pool on site
  • Daily Group Transportation to and from the beach
  • Free Wifi (as available)
  • Professional Yoga Photo Shoot (optional)
  • Participate in Erin Sampson’s Online Yoga Classes (live!) (optional)
  • Professional Photography of the retreat

What is not Included:

  • Airfare from your hometown to Liberia (LIR)
  • Shuttle to/from Airport to Costa Rica Yoga Spa
  • Travelers Insurance
  • Laundry Service is Available (for a small fee)
  • Alcohol & Specialty Drinks
  • Spa Services and/or excursions (zip line, monkey tour, surf lessons, etc)
  • Gratuity

The Costa Rica Yoga Spa

Information on where you'll be staying

The Costa Rica Yoga Spa is located on the mountain of a private ranch in Nosara, Guanacaste on the Gold Coast of Costa Rica. This boutique resort and retreat center looks out on both the Pacific Ocean and the Ostional National Wildlife Park. It is here that hundreds of thousands of Olive Ridley sea turtles come to nest throughout the year and where a wide variety of birds call home. In a word, it’s breathtaking.

They offer a variety of spa services & adventure activities for you to personalize your retreat however you’d like. It is truly a natural oasis of health and wellness.

Learn More at:

Payment Details, etc

Some quick details on payments & plans

A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to secure your space. Payment will be made via our secure booking portal.

Your final 50% payment will be due 45 days before the retreat start date. 45 days from the retreat start date, no part of your full payment is refundable.

As a reminder, the 50% deposit is non-refundable regardless of whether you cancel ahead of time or last minute and within 45 days of the retreat, none of your full payment will be refunded with cancellation.

If you have additional questions about the retreat payments or anything else, please contact us.

Transportation Information

Airfare and Ground Transportation

Air Transportation:
You’ve picked a great time to travel to Costa Rica because the airfare rates are the lowest we’ve seen in years. Book your travel into the Liberia Airport (Code: LIR) – this is a modern airport that services many major airlines. Be sure to check Southwest (United States) for amazing fares. Most airlines will arrive mid-day and depart around 1-3 pm.

Ground Transportation:
You will need to take a shuttle from the Liberia Airport to the Costa Rica Yoga Spa (approx 2.5 hours). We will arrange two shuttles the day the retreat starts (from LIR usually around 12:30 and 3:00) and two more on the final day (approx 7:00 am and 9:30 am) if you would like to use those. We can also recommend trusted shuttle options if you would like to arrange your own transportation.

Arrival, Departure & Check-In Info:
Most planes arrive in Liberia between 11am and 2 pm and it takes approx 2.5 hours to travel to Nosara from the airport. Check in on Saturday will be between 2pm and 8pm. We will have an evening class that night to welcome you to Nosara. On the final day we will have a morning practice available to students who are able to attend (depending on your departure time back to the Liberia) and checkout will be completed by 11 am. Let us know if you have any questions about the schedule!

Journey Home

During your retreat you will be offered the silence, space and beauty to slow down, tune in, connect and journey home to the wisdom necessary to do your life’s work. Yoga is used as the organic metaphor for life experiences. Away from the busyness and routines, a new rhythm arises; A rhythm woven with movement, nurturing and deep connection. Challenge, feel and connect to the wisdom always available and already within you. Daily practices of mindfulness, meditation and journaling will be easily incorporated beyond the retreat environment. Take home with you the ability to connect amidst the storm of life’s challenges and beauty.

Our Retreat Team

Meet our team for the retreat

Erin – Yoga Instructor – E-RYT

Five Parks Yoga

Erin received her 200-hour teaching certification in 2008 in Arvada, Colorado. For the next several years, she taught classes at her neighborhood studio.

In December of 2011, she and her husband moved their family of five to Tamarindo, Costa Rica for six months. They fell in love with Costa Rica and decided to split their time between Colorado and Costa Rica. Upon her first return to Colorado, she opened her own studio, Five Parks Yoga, which allowed her to teach in both Colorado and Costa Rica.

In an effort to bridge the gap between Colorado and Costa Rica, in February of 2015, Erin and her husband Matt started filming her yoga classes and posting them on YouTube, so that her students could practice with her when she wasn’t in town, (either town!). Since that time, she has posted over 300+ classes and now has 130,000 subscribers and students from all over the world. While her original intention was to simply share her classes with her students at her two homes, the unexpected result of her YouTube channel has given her an opportunity to connect with students from all over the world. Visit Erin online at:

Erin’s other passion project began in 2013 when she co-founded Warrior Girls Yoga – yoga workshops and camps for middle school and high school-aged girls. ( )The program has been an amazing part of her passion for sharing yoga in a full-hearted and meaningful way.

Erin strives to share her love for self-discovery through the practices of mindfulness, meditation, and yoga during this retreat.

Erin – E-RYT – Green Mountain School of Yoga, Arvada, CO 2008. Multi-style Yoga Institute, Playa Negra, Costa Rica 2015. Yoga Alliance Member 2008 – present.

Matt – Photography & Videography

Tamarindo Films

Matt has been living part-time in Costa Rica with his family since 2011. Matt is the Retreat Coordinator and will be your guide through the entire Pre-Retreat process. He will assist with transportation and also answer any and all questions you’ve got related to the retreat and the experience. Matt is also professional photographer and videographer ( and will capture the retreat in photos. When the retreat wraps up, Matt will produce a photo package for each participant with professionally edited photos to share at home with your friends and family.

The Yoga Spa Quad Rooms

There are 4 spacious quad rooms available on the main floor.

The Yoga Spa Suites

There are 4 large suites on the upper level with views of the ocean

Cara – Panama


My time with Erin and all the yogis at the Costa Rica Yoga Spa was truly magical! The yoga was perfect and the outings were so fun! I especially loved the paddle boarding. The food was healthy and good and of course, the accommodations and setting were beautiful! I couldn’t stop taking pictures!!:)

My favorite part though was yoga with Erin!!:)

Kim – United States


The Five Parks Yoga retreat in Nosara was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve had in my life. I cannot recommend it highly enough! The Costa Rica Yoga Spa is a magical spiritual reprieve. Starting and ending the day doing yoga with Erin in the rancho was breathtaking. Erin is a fantastic yoga instructor, and also an incredibly genuine, warm and authentic person. It was so much more than yoga though…personal growth, meditation, new friendships, fun activities in Nosara, beautiful photos and amazing food.

I came home feeling balanced, strong and grounded.

Trip of a lifetime!

Josee – Canada


I had the most amazing week with Erin at the Costa Rica Yoga Spa!

Erin is an amazing yoga teacher and a wonderful person and practicing with her surrounded by the most breathtaking view was unbelievable! The classes were suited for all levels of yogis, the activities were great and there was just enough time to relax and hang out. The hotel was perfect, quiet and peaceful and the food was amazing (I am not vegan but I discovered awesome food).

The entire experience was very well balanced and I would definitely go back without any hesitation!

Hila – United States


The Costa Rica Yoga Retreat with Erin in Nosara was one of the coolest experiences I’ve ever had.

I have never done a yoga retreat before but I really liked Erin’s youtube videos, and the same caring, relaxed vibe that she gives off in her videos is what you’ll experience in person. The location is absolutely beautiful and the view from the outdoor yoga “studio” is just breathtaking. I found a week to relax from the hectic pace of day to day life, meditate, reflect, and have some fun. Daily trips to the beach just made it that much better!

Most importantly, you’ll find that Erin and Matt and incredibly genuine and caring, and seemed personally invested in making sure that everyone had a great experience.

I would highly recommend this retreat and would love to do another one myself!

Jennifer – United States


This retreat was truly incredible.

One of the best decisions I ever made was to go, and I would encourage anyone even remotely considering it to DO IT. The setting is breathtakingly beautiful and peaceful; the food is unbelievable; the staff is warm and helpful and accommodating. And that is not even touching on Erin and the yoga and all that she so generously offers. Erin and Matt created a sense that this was YOUR retreat to spend how you liked. You could partake in as much or as little as you wanted. The generous and warm spirit of Erin and Matt “trickled down” to create a sense of community and closeness among the group that we all felt and that has remained with us after the retreat has ended.

The words I have used to describe the retreat: transformative, peaceful, healing, inspiring, fun, invigorating.

JeanEllen – United States


This yoga retreat with Erin Sampson was amazing. The Costa Rica Yoga Spa is a great place…very authentic and so peaceful in a beautiful setting. The food was some of the best I’ve ever had. The yoga was fantastic. The week soothed my soul. Highly recommended!

Deborah – United States


Pura Vida! I can’t recommend this trip enough. Each day had a very nice balance between yoga, activity and relaxation. The schedule was very smooth. The food was incredible! The accommodation were incredible-and it was a great group of people! Everything was my favorite! Thank you!!!

MattYoga Retreats in Nosara, Costa Rica