Ways You Can Help Support Five Parks Yoga

Learn How You Can Help Support Free Online Yoga Classes

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Thank you for helping support free online yoga

We love producing high quality free online yoga classes for the world to enjoy, and let’s face it, it’s not inexpensive to create hundreds of classes per year. Your contribution toward our efforts to provide yoga for anyone who has access to the internet helps cover the costs of teaching the classes, filming the classes (with a live camera operator), editing the classes, color correcting and polishing the classes, optimizing the audio, creating the graphics for each class, processing the classes and uploading the classes.


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Monthly Support Options

Support with $1 / Month

Become one of our hundreds of supporters contributing a small amount each month to help produce these free yoga classes & programs. Patreon supporters also receive early access to yoga retreat pre-sales before everyone else.

One Time Donation Options

One-Time Contribution

You can also support Erin and Five Parks Yoga with a one-time contribution through PayPal. We are so grateful for your desire to help support our free yoga classes with your donation!

Shop for Five Parks Yoga Apparel

How about a FPY Tank Top, T-shirt or Towel?

We have a large variety of Five Parks Yoga apparel and mechandise available in our online store. Orders are delievered quickly and the quality is fantastic. Shop for shirts, sweatshirts, towels, yoga pants, phone cases, tote bags and more!

Other Ways You Can Help

New! YouTube Memberships to Five Parks Yoga

We are excited to announce that we have added an additional way for you to support Five Parks Yoga directly from your YouTube/Google account with our new Memberships on YouTube! These memberships will be very similar to our Patreon memberships and are a great way to give a small monthly contribution to Five Parks Yoga to create more content. As with any of our donation and support options, we do not provide physical “rewards” for your support but we send you a TON of gratitude and energy 🙂 THANK YOU!


How else can I help without spending money?

You can also help support Five Parks Yoga simply by doing yoga! The majority of our classes have a video advertisement or a banner advertisement at the beginning of the class. If you let the video advertisement play (instead of skipping it) you’ll be helping Five Parks Yoga Earn revenue. The same holds true for the banner ads. If you click on banners that interest you, Five Parks Yoga earns a few more cents toward producing free yoga classes for the world.

You can also help support Five Parks Yoga when you purchase items that Erin has recommended and reviewed on her Product Review Page. The sellers of those products (via Amazon) provide a small commission on those referral sales, so that’s one more way you can help keep us going!

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