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Are You Neglecting Self-Care? A Quick Look

by Matt on June 27, 2019 Comments Off on Are You Neglecting Self-Care? A Quick Look

When you think of self-care, your mind may drift off to bubble baths and yoga retreats. However, the truth is that these indulgences are only part of the picture. In actuality, self-care is really just the process of caring for yourself in a way that supports your overall health. And unfortunately, there’s a good chance that you are neglecting one or more of the key components of self-care.

Health is a priority

Self-care is not just finding ways to relieve tension. Instead, a big part of your self-care routine should focus on your physical health. This encompasses many areas, but dental care is one that one-third of Americans tend to neglect, according to Colgate. This is an alarming statistic, since in many ways, the health of your mouth dictates the health of your entire body. If you don’t make an effort to care for your mouth, you’ll wind up with cavities, dental diseases, or missing teeth. This can tank your self-confidence levels and make it difficult to prioritize nutrition, since eating may become painful. 

Poor oral health has even been linked to depression. If you have health insurance, you may already be paying for dental care, and there are many online resources that can help you find a dentist in your area.

Pain relief

Another factor that contributes to depression is pain throughout the body. Many individuals have found that acupuncture and chiropractic adjustments are extremely beneficial but do not pursue regular treatment, as these services are typically not covered by insurance, including Medicare. However, physical therapy is covered under Medicare and most traditional insurance policies. Physical therapy can help you regain your strength, improve your flexibility, and decrease inflammation. The result is often less pain, meaning you do not have to expend the bulk of your emotional energy trying to fight discomfort.

Sleep is essential

Do you spend your evenings cleaning the house, thinking about work, or otherwise engaged well past 10 PM? If so, you may be missing out on one of the most important steps of a healthy self-care routine: sleep. Talkspace contributor Richard James Havis recently wrote an article outlining the results of different studies, which, together, seem to prove that a lack of sleep has a significant effect on mental health. 

Further, failure to regularly get at least seven hours of slumber can take a toll on your physical wellbeing. If you are looking to improve your sleep hygiene, start by looking at the clock. Make a point to go to bed when you can devote at least eight hours to rest. Plan to sleep alone if you and your partner are on different sleep schedules (or if their snoring noise keeps you awake). 

No more extras

One of the hardest things for most adults to do is to say no to our friends and family. However, the word “no” should become a regular part of your vocabulary. You do not have to comply with every request, especially if it interferes with important aspects of your life, such as sleep, family time, or anything else you need to feel your best. Saying yes to everything will only create a situation where you feel overwhelmed, and that can result in stress, poor performance at work, and even physical illness. It’s okay to be selfish. What is not okay is wearing yourself so thin that you do not have the time or energy to make yourself a priority.

Your self-care habits should not take a backseat position in your life. Doing things like going to the dentist, sleeping well, and managing pain will make you the best version of yourself for you and your family.

Written for Five Parks Yoga by:
Brad Krause

MattAre You Neglecting Self-Care? A Quick Look

The Summer Comes to a Close – Costa Rica Bound

by Matt on August 31, 2015 Comments Off on The Summer Comes to a Close – Costa Rica Bound

It has been an incredible summer of outdoor yoga at the Five Parks Amphitheater, but alas it is coming to an end. Thank you all for attending classes with me this summer!

If you do not already know, my family will be living in Tamarindo, Costa Rica from September through May this year. During this time, I am very excited to deepen my knowledge of yoga in an intensive training program, (E-RYT 500 certification), which will deepen my knowledge as a student of yoga and allow me to offer more as a teacher. Furthermore, I will be hosting my first retreat, (Feb 17-24, 2016) WANT DETAILS?.

Don’t forget – I am always posting classes online – even when I am gone!

MattThe Summer Comes to a Close – Costa Rica Bound

Fall Reset & Looking Ahead

by Matt on October 27, 2014 Comments Off on Fall Reset & Looking Ahead

We made it through the Fall transition. We are settled in to our routine. We are watching the season change, watching the Broncos play and looking forward to the time change and the holidays. What does this mean for you and your yoga practice?

A chance to reset and recommit.

Recommit to your yoga practice and reap the rewards as you move toward a time that can bring stress and fatigue – the change in light, the change in time and the pace of the holidays – can all take a toll on our bodies and spirits. Yoga can help uplift, re-energize and de-stress, especially when we feel there is “no time” for ourselves.

I love teaching yoga, but I commit and recommit to my personal yoga practice consistently, because I know it makes a difference in my own life and my ability to give back as a yoga teacher, a friend, a mom, and in so many other areas in my life. My family “insists” that I practice… enough said!

Carve out that hour 1, 2, 3 or 4 times a week and notice the change in your body and then your mind, or your mind and then your body…

Wake up with 6 A.M. Yoga Tues and Thurs Mornings and get your day started in the best way. A slow warm up and cool down and a generous Savasana, will complement a strong and steady well rounded practice.

Start your day right at 8:15 on Tues and Thurs with a well-rounded, invigorating Vinyasa Practice, that will always leave you curious. Continuously fresh and inspired, these classes will never leave you bored.

Need a mid-week pick me up class? Come on Wed. Morning from 8:15-9:15 for a solid, well rounded practice.

Want to make great strides in your yoga practice or your own physical fitness? Are you looking to get in shape for winter sports or other athletic pursuits? Friday Morning 8:15-9:15 is an amazingly fun and challenging class that will guarantee you results on and off the mat!

While you recommit to your practice, I continuously strive to provide inspired classes, with fresh themes, inspired flows, great music and an intimate and safe environment where you can touch a moment in time that is about your breath, your body, your mind and YOU. As your yoga teacher, I am here for you – to help you grow in your practice and find a moment in time where you can arrive.

The next email I will send will have our holiday schedule included. In the meantime, the only class change to be noted is Halloween Day.

Quick Note: No Class Friday 10/31/14

The regular class schedule is below.
6-7 a.m. – All Levels Vinyasa Flow
8:15-9:30 – All Levels
8:15-9:15 – All Levels Vinyasa Flow
6-7 a.m. – All Levels Vinyasa Flow
8:15-9:30 – All Levels
8:15-9:15 – Yoga Fit

Keep your eyes out for Warrior Girls Winter Workshops dates to be announced soon.

Please see the website for further information: and don’t hesitate to contact me with questions.
See you in the studio,

MattFall Reset & Looking Ahead