7-Week Chakra Yoga Experience

One Chakra Yoga Class per Week with Erin Sampson & Five Parks Yoga

Welcome! Unleash your Chakras!

Explore your Chakras over 7 weeks with Erin

Welcome to our 7-Week Chakra Experience! Embark on a transformative journey through the ancient practice of chakra balancing and alignment. Join Erin Sampson as she guides you through weekly online yoga classes, each dedicated to one of the seven chakras. Discover the profound benefits of this holistic approach to yoga, as you integrate powerful energy centers into your practice, promoting physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Sign up today (IT’S FREE!) to deepen your practice, enhance your personal growth, and awaken your inner energy with the Chakra 7-Week Experience.

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Enter your email address to the right and we will send you one new class every week for the next 7 weeks, it’s that simple!  This is a Free 7-Week Experience from Erin Sampson with Five Parks Yoga.

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