Group Classes & Yoga Workshops

We offer a full array of group experiences

Group Yoga Classes & Workshops

Custom Experiences wherever your group may be

Are you looking for a group yoga experience? Five Parks Yoga offers a wide variety of group classes & workshops. We offer classes & workshops in our studio for up to 10 and we also offer off-site yoga experiences.

We offer yoga workshops and classes for businesses, schools, groups, teams, churches, parents, kids, and much more.

Featured Workshop: Warrior Girls Yoga

The Warrior Girls Yoga Camps & Workshops have been a huge success and we are excited to welcome a new group of Warrior Girls this coming summer!

Warrior Girls Yoga Workshops and Summer Camps are designed for middle school aged girls interested in exploring health, fitness, creativity, friendship and leadership via the avenue of yoga.

Learn More about Warrior Girls Yoga

Customized Workshops & Classes

Based around your needs and ability for the perfect experience

Five Parks Yoga Studio is an intimate, warm and inviting space. When you enter the studio you will immediately feel at home. The lighting is soft and subtle and calming aromas will greet you as you grab one of our mats and find your perfect spot on the floor. The studio features a combination of both wood and cork flooring depending on your preference.

This home studio is an comfortable space so classes are an experience unto their own. The main studio comfortably holds 9 students and the side studio can accommodate an additional 5, so you are guaranteed a hands on and personalized experience.

All classes feature hand-picked music arranged to complement your practice as you move through your yoga class. Each class ends with a rejuvenating and calming Savasana complete with a cool towel enhanced with essential oils, as well as relaxing physical adjustments.

Together with Authentically You

Five Parks Yoga and Authentically You Workshops have teamed together to create a perfect partnership between mind, body and life.

Schools, Groups, Teams, Businesses & More

We work with all kinds of different groups & settings

Five Parks Yoga Studio worked Meiklejohn Elementary, Excel Academy, Ralston Valley High School & Outdoor Lab (Mt. Evans) in addition to countless Mother / Daughter workshops, Men’s specific classes, Teen Classes, Mala Making Workshops and so much more.

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