Five Parks Yoga Technical Gear & Equipment

Learn more about our studio equipment and how we film our yoga classes

Curious about the Equipment we use to Film Yoga Classes?

A complete list of all of the equipment and accessories used to film Five Parks Yoga classes

Primary Camera & Accessories

Our Main Camera:

Main Camera Lens:

Main Camera Cage:

Main Camera Handle:

Canon to Panasonic Lens Adaptor:

Main Camera External Monitor:

Our Main Tripod:

Secondary (Moving) Camera and Accessories

Automated Electric Slider:

Camera #2 Body:

Lens for Slider Camera:

Slider External Monitor:

Slider & Main Camera Neutra Density Filters:

Tripods to Hold Slider:

Follow Focus SetUp:

Third (wide angle) Camera and Accessories

Third (wide angle) Camera:


Microphones, Transmitters & Audio Recorders

Wireless Microphone Transmitter & Receiver:

Lavalier Microphone:

Audio Recorder:

Camera Cases & Equipment Protection

All-Time Favorite Camera Case:

Hard-Sided Travel Camera Cases (x2):

Portable Hard Drives:

Lighting Equipment & Accessories

Primary Studio Light:

Lighting Soft Box:

Ring Light:

Studio Decor and Ambience

Our Favorite LED Candles:

Colored Lanterns:

MattFive Parks Yoga Technical Equipment Guide